A Modern Guide to Greatness


You can see it when you turn on your TV and watch reports about the limited world in which we live. You can hear it when your friends, colleagues and parents tell you that it can’t be done. You can taste it when the bitter pill of playing by the rules and being screwed over is swallowed. And you can feel it when the weight of its expectations crushes your dreams and forces you to conform.
This is the system – An invisible net of beliefs, thoughts and outlooks that we have been conditioned to accept since birth. But this acceptance does not have to continue. Now, YOU can break free.

Drawing on his experiences as a hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and coach, plus his own 10 year journey to screw the system, Joe Barnes releases a book like no other. Different to any personal development title, this book, inspired by the films The Matrix and Fight Club and packed with fascinating examples from famous ground-breaking figures, challenges the reader take a leap into a richer existence and embrace the life they were meant to live. Screwing the system may not be easy, but with this guide it becomes exciting, adventurous and possible.

Critical Acclaim

“Most books aim to change your life; Screw The System goes further, calling on us to question our very motives and purpose so that we truly have a life. Read it if you don’t just want to be ‘successful’, or ‘effective’ in society’s terms, but genuinely great.”

Tom Butler-Bowdon, author of: –
Never Too Late To Be Great: The Power of Thinking Long, 50 Classics Series

“A true manifesto on free thinking and living a Soul inspired life. For anyone that’s ever thought “there’s got to be more to life than this” pick up this book and read it, you’re ready.”

James Rick
“Mr. Full Potential”
Founder of FullPotential.com

Quotes from the book

  • There is an eternal battle that rages throughout most people’s lives. At some point we are all faced with the choice of whether to be true to our desires, beliefs and conscience or let our fears and the expectation of what we ‘should’ be doing determine our decisions.
  • Your understanding of the world and your role within it has to change. You’ll have to realise that the system’s notion of the truth is based largely on perception. Furthermore, you’ll have to open your mind to the idea that there is no fixed universal reality.
  • This is why I present the quest for greatness as the answer to all of your troubles. It encourages you to ‘think big’ knowing that this is the only way to develop the belief and motivation needed to transform your life. It realises that ordinary measures don’t result in an extraordinary life. To truly distinguish yourself you have to do the things that other people are too afraid to do or too embarrassed to try.

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