I offer coaching for the following;

  • Finding your passion and making a living from it.
  • Overcoming the anxiety and self-doubt that prevents you from enjoying your life and being successful.
  • Removing bad habits and addictions and setting up a weekly routine that ensures you achieve your goals.
  • Developing your book idea so you can communicate your message in a way that sells. Assistance with writing and editing included.

If you want coaching in any of these areas, or have your own bespoke enquiry, then contact me here to set up a FREE consultation. Quote ‘Coaching’ in the subject bar and let me know how I can help. I will then contact you within 36 hours to set up a Zoom consultation, or arrange a meeting if you live in or around London, UK.

My Credentials

I’ve been coaching since 2003 and working as a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner since 2005. I have a cognitive hypnotherapy diploma and have helped hundreds of clients break bad habits, overcome anxiety and develop self-confidence. Since 2012, I’ve also been working as an online coach; helping clients find and make a living from their passion and develop and perfect their book ideas. Read my client testimonials below and contact me today to book your FREE consultation.

Video testimonial


    Hi Joe, I hope you are doing well my man! I got some great news at my end! One of my models got signed again . . . I am so happy! J and R are amazed and R offered me a job and he is going to ask the big boss of X for a contract and also business cards with my name on it! I couldn’t be happier Joe! I love this scouting life and my successes are getting bigger and bigger . . . I like to thank you my man, for your coaching and your support! love you for it man!

    - Luka K
  • Helping a client break a bad habit

    Just clearing our my purse and I saw your business card, so I thought I’d sent you a quick note to let you know how I am getting on. I hope you remember me and my addiction to chocolate?! Well, after our second session at the beginning of June, I felt a great deal more positive. And since that day I have not touched chocolate!!!

    - Mrs C
  • Helping a client make a living from his passion

    My quality of life has improved dramatically. I’m making the same and sometimes slightly more money for less time – 15-20 hours vs 40 to 50 hours with my old factory. I could make more, but I want to devote more time to my projects. You taught me money isn’t everything. At my old job, I had stopped working overtime thanks to you. My coworkers thought I was crazy refusing overtime. But you made me realize that a big check diminishes your quality of life in the long run.

    - Dwayne Williams
  • Helping clients at a local company

    I worked with Joe Barnes during my time as Sports and Social Coordinator for a well-known, established engineering company. I found Joe to be an exceptionally talented young man who was both professional and approachable in his Hypnotherapy work. Good results were met by all clients who received treatments including myself.

    - Mrs M