Counter Conventional Thinking

An Introduction

Counter Conventional Thinking (CCT) is a mindset that enables you to achieve the impossible. It involves freeing your mind from all limitations (both internally and externally imposed) and then adopting an outlook that will permit the realisation of your potential. Think of it as a martial art for your mind. Its creator, Joe Barnes, will train you through all the different levels, bringing you to a point where you can successfully operate outside the confines of the system.

How is this achieved?

The philosophy of CCT is built upon one very important question,

What do all people who are either phenomenally successful or change the world have in common?

The answer? They don’t THINK like everybody else!
For example, would Columbus have found America if he had accepted the commonly held belief that the world was flat? Or would Muhammad Ali have sealed his place as the greatest heavyweight boxer ever if he’d believed the media and people around him who feared that George Foreman would not only beat him, but could possibly end his life? Look closely, and you’ll see this thread running throughout all the great discoveries and achievements of mankind. The people who occupy the space outside the boundaries of conventional thought are the ones who end up shaping the world.
YOU want to occupy this space. Whether this means fame or not is irrelevant. Everyone wants to, and can, live their lives free to express the highest version of themselves. However, to become one of these people, you have to THINK like one of these people. This is where CCT comes into play. Through a 3 phase process, Joe Barnes will show you how to locate, unlock and unleash all of the ability that you KNOW you have. Don’t worry, you’ll still be yourself but this is YOU without the hang ups, doubts and fears.

The 3 Phases of Counter Conventional Thinking

Whether self-imposed, or inflicted by the system, our limiting beliefs chain us to a mediocre existence. Therefore, it’s to the removal of each and every block that we first turn our attention. To do this, you must learn the distinction between truth and belief. So many people believe that their limits ARE the truth and therefore, unalterable. We show you that if you alter the way you look at yourself and the world, then what once appeared set in stone soon becomes malleable. Our motto: Change the belief, change the truth.

Once ‘unplugged’, you must put yourself through an intense period of training. The goal here is to position yourself in the space outside conventional thinking. As a result, much of what you will learn runs contrary to the lessons of your previous teachers. You’ll be trained to let go rather than control, look within rather than without, disregard the need for money, ignore what other people say and think and embrace failure. These qualities and many more, will enable you to master the CCT mindset. When this happens, there is nothing that you can’t achieve.

Counter Conventional Thinking must be applied. Theory for theories sake is not the way of CCT. You must use your newfound powers to shake up the system. We therefore start with finding your calling. This is different for every individual and may not be as simple as identifying a particular goal or amount of money. However, whatever form it takes, we’re with you for the long haul. We’ll help you through all the stages of your journey; including the need to support yourself while working on your mission, measuring progress, knowing when to make a quantum leap, coping with setbacks and even reevaluating your path. When the process is complete, the change it facilitates will astound you. The life you were once only able to dream of will be yours to LIVE.


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