Welcome dear reader!! You have reached this page through purchasing Escape the System.

You were hoping to receive a free copy of How To Create an Income Without Working a Boring Job.  However, since this offer was issued, the book has undergone a drastic change.

When I originally began formulating ideas for its content, it was intended as a free 6000-word PDF. However, since writing began, the magnitude of the project became apparent.

The book is now 25,000 words long and probably won’t be complete until a further 10,000 have been written. As a result, I will not be giving away this version of the book for free (it should be available to purchase in September 2017, at a heavily discounted price, by joining the Screw The System monthly newsletter).

I will honour my original commitment, though, and create a condensed 6000 – 8000 word version of the book you can have for free. If you would like to receive this please email me at with ‘Income’ in the subject bar.

I will then send you the free PDF, which I imagine will be available in October 2017.

Many thanks for purchasing Escape the System and I hope you are enjoying the read.

Best wishes,