Why you Must Challenge The System to Grow as a Person

by Joe Barnes




Date: Mar 21, 2014

Why you Must Challenge The System to Grow as a Person

Do you feel lost sometimes?

Is there a lack of excitement in your life?

Are you fed up with spending 90% of your time doing the things you have to do and only 10% of your time doing the things you want to do?

If any of the above applies then I have the answer for you. However, it doesn’t involve travelling the world, retraining at university or quitting your job.

No, this solution is more dynamic, explosive and adventurous than all of the above. It gets right to the core of what prevents us from being who we want to be and living the lives we want to live.

For some, it may seem a little scary. It might even appear to carry with it the potential for disaster. However, hear me out because I’m going to explain why challenging the system is not only the path to a life of adventure, meaning and fulfilment, but also the route through which humanity evolves.

The Challenge 

Before we start, it’s important to understand exactly what we mean by challenging the system. This isn’t about rebellion for rebellion’s sake. In fact, this challenge applies as much to the apparent conformist as it does the rebel. This is because, irrespective of our different dreams, the system will always act as a block between us and their realisation. 

Therefore, it’s not a case of looking for something to challenge, but simply being true to your desires.

Let me explain.

The system is always trying to stuff us in boxes. For example, you’re from a middle class family with a good education, therefore you should have a respected professional occupation and become a lawyer, doctor or accountant. You’re a woman from a non-descript background so who are you to be setting your sights too high or daring to think you can compete with men for some of the top positions? Or perhaps you’re born into a ghetto or slum and are constantly being told that your only options are a life of crime or professional sport if you’re exceptionally lucky.

But what happens when we don’t want to play the role the system gives us?

I need to make this absolutely clear – there is absolutely no one on the planet who is defined by their so called nationality, race, religion, class, gender or sexuality. We are always so much more complex (and greater) than the labels the system gives us.

This means it’s impossible for us to live a happy and fulfilled life by conforming to the path presented to us by our parents, teachers, peers, religious institution, media and the government. Even if we do come from a so called ‘middle class’ family and do have a passion for law, they’ll be some part of it we want to change or leave our unique mark on. Perhaps we loathe the idea of defending people we know are guilty or want to take on more pro bono cases than our firm allows. Whatever the case, the narrow roles the system urges us to play only ever end up restricting both our freedom and talents. Therefore, to bridge the gap between a mediocre life and the one of your dreams, you have to challenge the system and break free from what it wants you to be.

What Does this Mean?

The implications of challenging the system are not what they seem. This isn’t necessarily about violence, confrontation and anarchy. In fact, at its core, challenging the system is much softer and inspired by love. As Che Guevara said, At the risk of sounding ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by feelings of love.

You’d do well to remember this quote because your entire life will play out as a battle between two competing forces. On the one side you’ll have your heart, conscience or inner voice. On the other, the system or what you feel you’re expected to do. The choice is really that simple. The difficulty lies in making the right and brave decision.

Too many people hide from this challenge out of fear. However, right now, I want you to approach this dilemma as if you don’t have a choice. Our feelings are there for a VERY important reason. To deny them brings all kind of disharmony, disease and pain into our lives. 

So I want you to ask yourself who you REALLY want to be and what you REALLY want to do. And don’t limit yourself. If your heart throws out some answer like the President of your country or discovering the cure for cancer then so be it. The system is going to tell you it’s impossible. You know this already. However, the thing you absolutely MUST remember is that the system’s voice does NOT represent the truth. Countless individuals have challenged the system and overcome the apparently insurmountable odds.

You can be one of them.

Need further motivation?

Here are some final thoughts . . .

How Humanity Evolves

This is bigger than you! It isn’t just about you getting rich or being happy. There’s something much more important at stake. Ultimately, if people like YOU don’t challenge the system and start living out their truth then the human race will perish.

Sounds a little extreme?

Not so. You see the problem with the system is that it’s hell bent on maintaining the status quo. Unfortunately, this works against the laws of nature where you either evolve or die.

We can see this conflict play out with some of the outdated beliefs humanity still accepts to this day. The unquestioned assumptions that nation states should be pursuing economic growth above all else, and the necessity of maintaining mass armed forces, are both bringing us to the brink of disaster. We need inspired individuals to begin challenging these (and many more like them) status quo beliefs not just so that we can continue to evolve, but also to survive. 

This is what Galileo did. This is what Martin Luther King did. This is what Steve Jobs did. You can join them as one of history’s greats but you need to start setting your sights higher than what the system tells you you can be. 

Over to You . . . 

How are you going to challenge the system? What’s your great idea or injustice that you want to see righted? Let us know in the comment section below.

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(Image taken from Poetgrafie’s photostream flickr.com)