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3 Reasons Why you SHOULDN’T Listen to Andrew Tate

by Joe Barnes




Date: Oct 30, 2022

3 Reasons Why you SHOULDN’T Listen to Andrew Tate

In July of this year, Andrew Tate was the most googled person on the planet. 

His extreme views (in the eyes of the mainstream media) captivated the minds of the younger generation, providing a breath of fresh air in a world where feminism has, perhaps, overstepped its mark and there are so few outlets for men to experience an adventurous, autonomous life. 

He’s charismatic, often spouts outrageous and attention-grabbing rhetoric, and has real world credibility (being a former world champion kickboxer). This combination has enabled him to garner a vast online following, where sign ups to Hustler’s University (his online training programme teaching students how to become financially free) are well in excess of 100,000, making him a reported $11 million in just one month.

Added to that, prior to being de-platformed in August of this year, his social media following was running well into the millions. 

It’s undeniable, as I sit down to write this blog post, that Andrew Tate has a huge amount of influence. Whether for entertainment, enlightenment or to be outraged, people are listening to him. 

But is he deserving of this reach?

Furthermore, is there any value in what he has to say or offer? 

This is a subject I want to explore because, at least on one issue, Andrew Tate has a message very similar to mine.

Andrew Tate teaches his students how to “escape the matrix.” Since 2012 I’ve been writing about how to Escape The System

So, it would appear, we have a lot in common. We both believe that today’s society traps people, presenting them with a narrow spectrum of boring avenues for making a living and expecting them to be happy within these confines. Furthermore, we’ve had our creativity, individuality and vision stifled by a world that expects us to think and behave in a certain way.  

However, despite enjoying this part of Andrew Tate’s message, in some respects, I believe he’s a false prophet.

Below, I’m going to share 3 reasons as to why you should be cautious about what he has to say. 


1. The Issue of Misogyny???

Is Andrew Tate as misogynistic as the mainstream media portrays him?

It’s hard to tell. 

Much like Andrew Tate’s over the top, bombastic statements, a lot of what the media says is designed to grab your attention. Furthermore, they want to trigger an emotional reaction, knowing this is the way you’ll invest time in a story. 

To do this, they exaggerate their claims and attach labels to people (you should worry more about the people who label others than the target of the labelling). 

In Tate’s case, he’s been banned from all of social media because of this branding.

But what has he really said or done?

On serious note, a woman made an allegation of violence against him when working for his webcam business and this, partly, led to Tate leaving London and relocating to Romania.

The stain of abuse hasn’t escape him, though, as his Romanian mansion was raided by police after they received a tip off that he’d transported a US woman to the country for the purposes of sex work and that she was being held against her will. 

I have no way of knowing the validity of these accusations. Tate wasn’t charged in the first incident and the investigation into the second case is ongoing. 

For this reason, I can’t comment. All I will say is that if there’s any merit in these claims then the rest of this blog post is pointless. Any man who’s violent towards women or coerces them into activities they don’t want to do, shouldn’t be emulated or listened to. This is a given. I don’t think it warrants any further explanation. 

But let’s focus on one incident that what we can actually prove. 

In a recent Piers Morgan interview, Andrew Tate defended his belief that, once married, a woman is a man’s “property.” He believes this idea is validated by the ancient religions of Christianity and Islam and seems to long for a time when women were restricted by more traditional roles. 

He’s not alone in this thinking. To a lesser extent, Jordan Peterson (and you can read 3 reasons why he shouldn’t be listened to by clicking here), and other popular internet figures like Elliot Hulse, hark back to more religious times and lament the breakdown in traditionally defined gender roles. 

Here, Andrew Tate is making a mistake. You can’t promote yourself as a paragon of freedom, and the man who is going to help people “escape the matrix,” when that freedom only applies to 50% of the population.

Longing for a time when religion exerted a greater influence over society is a cry for greater oppression, and not just for women.

While it’s true that today’s ethical and moral standards are in the gutter, taking a step back is not the way to go. We need to find new ways of challenging unhealthy levels of promiscuity, re-establishing the importance of love and combating the influence of materialism.

In this instance, Tate needs to be more creative in his thinking. 


2. His Focus on Materialism

Andrew Tate loves to flash his wealth. He often shoots videos while standing in front of a fleet of expensive luxury cars and talks about his ability to hire private jets and fly to anywhere in the world. 

These braggadocio claims carry a lot of appeal to some young men. They want to emulate him, misguidedly thinking this lifestyle is the pinnacle of 21st century living. 

So, what do they do?

As disciples of Tate, they enrol in Hustler’s University, thinking within this program they’ll find the keys to a life beyond their wildest dreams. 

What they don’t realise, though, is that Tate is selling them a fantasy. 

You can’t learn to be Andrew Tate or have his lifestyle through Hustler’s University. Much of his “success,” fame and wealth is down to his personality and this is something you can never emulate. 

Instead, what you’re left with is a course that teaches you how to make money. 

Of course, this isn’t a bad thing and the training offered in Hustler’s University (which focuses on generating wealth online through a variety of mediums like copywriting, freelancing, E-commerce, Amazon FBA and investing in crypto-currency and stocks) could be valuable. However, to some degree, it’s empty. 

Don’t get me wrong, financial freedom is a worthy goal. However, it’s only half the picture. 

Tate tells you to get rich so you can “Escape the Matrix.” This is fine. But, if the way in which you’re getting rich is meaningless and uninspiring, then you’ve just, invertedly, bought into the Matrix by working solely for money. 

Escaping the Matrix is more than financial status. You could be a multimillionaire yet still confined by its limiting mindset. 

True freedom is found when you enjoy your work, it’s meaningful to you and it provides enough money so that you don’t have to spend your time working a job you hate to make a living. This can be achieved without needing a copper Bugatti. 


3. He’s been Involved with Criminals 

In a YouTube video which has subsequently been removed, “How Andrew Tate made his first MILLION DOLLARS,” Tate discusses how, after finishing his career as a kickboxer, he set up a webcamming business in London. During this time, he mentions that he was in debt and that his life was at risk if he didn’t pay. 

As a result, the success of the webcamming business was a necessity. He was in bed with some very dangerous people and his life could have been over if he didn’t turn a profit. 

Andrew Tate moved to Romania in 2017. Once there, he opened up 15 casinos. In a video titled “The Dark Reality of Andrew Tate’s Rise to Fame . . .” made by YouTuber Patrick Cc, he can be seen discussing this move at just after the 19-minute mark. He mentions that he approached, “three guys, mafia brothers,” and proposed a deal with them, suggesting he could franchise their casinos. This, it seems, didn’t work out but from the way Tate talks in the video, it’s clear that he did come to some kind of arrangement with the Romanian, or Eastern European, Mafia to participate in the casino business. 

If you’re a fan of Andrew Tate, none of this is encouraging.  

I don’t know whether he’s a criminal himself, but his connections are an immediate red flag. 

The underworld is nothing to mess with, either directly or by association. While Tate is correct in pointing out that almost all of our societies are corrupt, the way to challenge them is not through taking part in that corruption. 

Not only will your actions hurt other people (which is a valid reason, in of itself, never to engage in criminality) but you’re exposing yourself to the risk of having your liberty removed. Get caught, and it’s likely you’ll face jail time.

Is there any greater definition of someone being trapped in the Matrix than a man who’s had his physical freedom taken away? 

Knowing that Tate has had connections with criminals, you should ask yourself the following question. Is he the best person to take advice, or buy products, from?  

There is a possibility that he too, like many criminals, is trying to scam you out of your money. 



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