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Why you Should Seek Fame, not Power or Money (Extract from my Diary)

by Joe Barnes




Date: Jul 3, 2020

Why you Should Seek Fame, not Power or Money (Extract from my Diary)

I was teaching a tennis student last weekend and she said to me, “I’ve got to find some way to be famous.”

Ain’t that the truth. Fame, above money and power, is where the real juice is at because fame, unlike money and power, carries with it the implication of excitement and fun. You can be rich and powerful, yet still have a boring life. However, if you’re famous, even if it’s only in your own little universe, you have freedom and fun. 

A person can be famous in so many different ways. Youtubers like The Hodge Twins are famous.  An author like Conn Iggulden is famous. A financial mogul like Warren Buffett is famous. Even a reality TV star, considered the lowest level of trashy fame, is still famous. Their lives are enjoyable and without the drudgery of having to do things they don’t want to do. 

Even an ex-bodybuilder like Flex Wheeler, who’s been through so much pain, is famous, and can fall back on his fame to turn his life around. Keir Starmer is famous (for those of you outside the UK, he’s a politician and leader of the UK’S Labour Party). Even though his profession is completely different from the aforementioned individuals, the fame ensures it’s fun. Therefore, aim for fame in something you are good at and that you enjoy, and you’ll never live a dull day in your life.  

I think most people, if they were honest, would admit to themselves that they want to be famous. However, if required to give a public response, they would say that they don’t because they’ve been conditioned by the system to play small.  

Society worships fame. Look at the people who flock to celebrities, desperate for a photo or a scribble on a piece of paper; somehow believing that the illusory magic of the famous person will rub off on them. Or, more likely, that said photo or autograph will enhance their status. 

Fame, if you’re a man, certainly improves your mating options. Physically beautiful women (although not necessarily inwardly beautiful – which is more important for any long term relationship) flock to famous men.  However, what lies above fame?

The ultimate aim of the person who craves fame is the destruction of this status. In a world ruled by love, there would be no need for fame. We wouldn’t be trying to escape the system because the system wouldn’t exist. We’d realise that no one man or woman is better than another and that connection is so much more important than adulation. 

In this world, every day would be fun and filled with love because we wouldn’t be running around, working our asses off, so the 1% can live like kings. However, while we live in this money driven world, fame is an understandable desire. 

Fame represents escape, freedom and the realisation of your potential. There are few things worse than having to spend your life compromising your desires to the point where you are controlled by societies expectations. 

So, seek fame, break free from the system but realise that, ultimately, love is what you should aim for. Use your fame to break the wheel and set up a world where status, hierarchy, and even money, are a thing of the past. 

(Image taken from Mitchell Goudie photostream flickr.com)

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