Goal Setting Masterclass: How to Get the Most out of 2021

This time last year, we held this event ‘in person’ at a pub in Clapham. How things have changed!

Now, the only thing we can be certain of is uncertainty. However, despite these difficult times, life continues and we still have hopes and dreams.

Furthermore, despite the physical restrictions, our attitude and outlook is still the main factor in determining how successful we will be. Therefore, if you’re thinking of writing 2021 off and heading back to bed, you’re making a big mistake.

This could be your most productive year yet! It could even be your most successful. However, whether you are able to make that happen will depend, somewhat, on the goals you set yourself at the start of the year and the systems you have in place to make sure you achieve them.

Therefore, Thursday the 14th’s online Zoom session is a MUST attend event. In our two, 10 minute presentation sessions, I will be discussing;

– How to combine Process Goals and Outcome Goals to make sure you achieve your 3 most important desires for 2021
– What a year beyond your wildest dreams might look like compared with your absolute essentials that MUST be accomplished. Find out how to land somewhere in the middle (or closer to the wild end of the spectrum)
– Gary Keller’s (author of ‘The One Thing’) brilliant ‘Goal Setting to the Now’ tool and how to apply it to your life to develop laser like focus

This presentation will be interactive, engaging and revelatory. So, make sure you come with a pen and paper, ready to make notes and set and refine your goals. Even if you have none at all, and usually don’t set them, you might be encouraged to engage in this practise that makes you 39.5% more likely to achieve your desires (according to a 2008 study).

All of this will take place with the support of a friendly and motivated group. We’ll be using the breakout rooms regularly so you’ll get a chance to discuss your goals and meet like minded people. ENTER YOUR EMAIL BELOW and I look forward to seeing you there.

Look forward to seeing you there,


P.S. – Other activities for the online meet up event include;

  1. The Success Report (a chance for us to record our successes)
  2. Breakout Rooms (great opportunity to meet like minded people)
  3. Accountability Goal Setting (great way to keep you on track with your major goals)
  4. Group Hypnosis (optional and a great way to relax and boost confidence)

Date: Thursday 14th January

Time: 7pm - 8.30pm (GMT - please adjust for your time zone)

Enter your email below to sign up. You will then receive an email confirmation and a link to participate in the webinar 5 mins prior to the start. The webinar takes place on Zoom so please make sure you have it ready to go. I look forward to seeing you there.