How the System holds you Back and Why you can Achieve Anything

What if you could feel inspired every day of your life? What if you got to work on the projects you love and could make a positive difference to the world?

The good news is that you can! The bad news is that you’ve been raised in a system that says you can’t. Which voice is more powerful?

Research indicates that we’ll sooner believe authority figures than our own inner voice. These authority figures (our parents, teachers, media, government, religious leaders, bosses at work), typically although sometimes unintentionally, lie or misinform us about the world and our role with it. They tell us that the world is fixed, it works in a certain way and we have to adapt to it and make a living, create a family and a life within these boundaries.

Of course, this is fine if you’re happy with this option but what if you want something more, or different?

Tough luck.

There’s no place for you or your new idea. 9/10 new businesses fail and luck determines most of our outcomes. This is what we are told and it leads either to apathy (we won’t even try) or barriers in our mind that prevent us from succeeding. However, on the night of the 11th, I’m here to tell you something different.

I’m going to show you all the reasons, and back it up with both scientific and real world evidence, you can achieve any dream, goal or ambition. We’re going to explore;

– The way your brain functions
– Quantum Physics
– Real world examples from entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Phil Knight

and draw some startling conclusions. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO DO WHATEVER IT IS YOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE. All of your dreams, goals and ambitions are possible when you realise two very simple things (which I will reveal on the night).

So, join us on the 11th by ENTERING YOUR EMAIL BELOW and I look forward to seeing you there,


P.S. – Other activities for the online meet up event include;

  1. The Success Report (a chance for us to record our successes)
  2. Breakout Rooms (great opportunity to meet like minded people)
  3. Accountability Goal Setting (great way to keep you on track with your major goals)
  4. Group Hypnosis (optional and a great way to relax and boost confidence)

Date: Thursday 11th February

Time: 7pm - 8.30pm (GMT - please adjust for your time zone)

Enter your email below to sign up. You will then receive an email confirmation and a link to participate in the webinar 5 mins prior to the start. The webinar takes place on Zoom so please make sure you have it ready to go. I look forward to seeing you there.