Who We’ve Helped

Caroline“What’s different about Joe is it’s evident he is motivated to equip others to move forward rather than self-aggrandisement. His approach is focused on distilling from all the available information the most salient issues and aspects so that the individual who has become aware of how stifling the system is, can see clearly what works and what doesn`t, why it works and why it doesn`t. You can then apply the findings to your personal desires and consciously break free and take REAL action.”

Caroline Tippler
Founder of Reiki Pathway
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Srinath“Whenever you are in down, you always need a person who can lift your spirits. In my case, Joe really helped me to come out of depression. He listened to all my problems, analysed very carefully and went to the core of my issue. In just 5 minutes of conversation, he understood the way I think and where I went wrong.

In this greedy world, no one has time to listen to other people’s problems. But Joe is not like everyone. He is in this profession not for money or fame. He has a greater motive of changing the world and our mind-sets.
All the best Joe. World needs people like you. Thank you Joe!!”

K. S. Srinath, Student, India.

Bea Schmidt“Some people go to work every day, no smile on their face, no expression, nothing. They get up; they do the usual routine, get coffee at the same place as everyone else does etc etc . . . I was one of these people until one day I was given a copy of Joe Barnes’ book.

First chapter in, I caught myself on the train reading it so deeply that I forgot to get off at my stop. I started to realise that I don’t want to be part of the 9 to 5 huddle, working a role which I hated so much that it started make me ill. I was searching for answers that I never understood and the book, website and blog gave me those easy explanations which helped me to get to know myself, who I am and what I want. I took the red pill and conquered myself. Therefore I am ever so grateful for Joe and his Screw the System movement.”

Bea Schmidt, London, UK.

“Joe is a great captain with a vision. He simplifies the labyrinth of PD books and bibles out there and takes it to everyday life. Not only does he preach, he lives what he believes and leads by example – the hallmark of a true captain.
I have found his ideas to be very rejuvenating and an important eye opener for folks from all walks of life who have been blinded by the system’s mirages. I have benefited immensely from the Screw the System philosophy and I am sure there’s greatness awaiting everyone in Joe’s army.
All we need is a leap of faith!”

Akshar S. Hyderabad, India.

Sam Madrell
Scrambled Egg Productions

Tim Martin
Director Mind Boutique London