Why you shouldn’t Trust Authority

by Joe Barnes




Date: Nov 15, 2015

Why you shouldn’t Trust Authority

You’ve been lied to your entire life.

It’s likely that everything you’ve been told by your parents, teachers, colleagues and friends about how the world works, and your role within it, is inaccurate hearsay designed to protect you from dangers that don’t exist; or in the case of the government, media and religion, control you in order to support the agenda of a tiny global elite

The whole play it safe, get a well-paid job, don’t cause any trouble, work hard, follow the crowd and respect authority line; nine times out of ten, is going to lead you to a boring, meaningless life where the only rewards up for grabs are security and comfort.

If that’s something you don’t want then it’s about time you started rejecting almost everything authority figures have to say. They ARE NOT trying to help you. They are trying to control you (or manipulate you into buying their products). And when they genuinely are trying to help you, the position they come from is so entrenched in fear that their advice will do nothing but hold you back. 

But how can I say this with such certainty and why should you listen to me? 

Because I have proof. I have proof that The System we are taught to respect, revere and believe in; lies, screws people over and is open to manipulation by those in authority.

Some of this proof may, or may not, be news to you. It doesn’t matter. I’m documenting it here so that you can be struck by the magnitude of the sham we are led to believe in.   

My hope is that by seeing this undeniable evidence laid out before you, you will be empowered. You will realise that you no longer have to play by The System’s rules and start to operate by your own. 

The Proof 

I will now present you with three examples that demonstrate the extent of The System’s lies. They focus on some of The System’s major institutions and make a mockery of the notion that they operate for our greater good.   

1. The Police and Justice System

The most obvious example of why the police shouldn’t have our implicit trust can be seen with the recent spate of brutality cases. With Officer Slam, the death of Eric Garner and the jaywalking teenager video all making the news, we’ve seen the fallible side of the police force, filled with flawed individuals, and more in need of reform than respect.

Sadly, this is only part of the problem though. The travesty of justice that is The War on Drugs raises further questions about whether the authority of the police and judicial system should be respected. 

A series of policies, first enacted by Nixon in the 70s, has led to a situation where police officers are financially incentivised by The System to make soft drug arrests at the expense of time spent investigating more serious crimes. As a result, non-violent offenders are clogging up U.S jails at ever increasing rates. Some receive outrageous mandatory minimum sentences, fuelled by ignorant hysteria whipped up by the media, with the outcome of depriving hundreds of thousands of people of their liberty, enraging communities and creating an underclass more likely to engage in crime now that a criminal record severely restricts their employment opportunities.

The politicians and corporations don’t care though. The former can swagger around pretending to the electorate that they are tough on crime and the latter get to profit from a source of cheap labour.

So remember, when the police take the oath to serve and protect, you must consider on whose behalf.  

2. Science

Science has become God in the western world with it’s findings, discoveries and theories being accepted as The Truth by an awe struck public. 

Ironic, really, when you consider that science was, at first, the anti-system voice. With its evidence based discoveries it slowly liberated the masses from the religious paradigm and all of the limiting beliefs that went with it. However, times have changed and since science has become part of The Establishment, it too has been infected by The System.

Take, for example, the recent comical news that there is little link between obesity and drinking sugary soft drinks like Coca Cola. Yes, according to some scientists, the same drink that has a secondary use as a toilet cleaner doesn’t really play a role in making you overweight.   

Really? I know my scientific training is poor but I’m aware of the link between sugar consumption and weight gain. 

Could it be, revered scientists, that someone is paying you to say that?

Oh yes, they are. Surprise, surprise, its Coca Cola

While this is just as big a stain on the credibility of corporations as it is on science, I want to highlight the role of the latter because their authority rarely gets questioned.

You see this isn’t an isolated incident. There have been similar cases with the tobacco and alcohol industries and most damaging of all, the persistent denial of man-made climate change that was perpetrated by some scientists throughout the end of the 20th century. 

The pattern is always the same. Corporation with zero ethics pays scientific institute to carry out ‘research’ whose findings will benefit their agenda. 

What this sorry state of affairs reveals is that science is run by people, not Gods, and, in some cases, the pursuit of the dollar has become more important than the pursuit of The Truth. 

3. Government

I’m sure you already distrust your government. However, just in case you need any reminding let’s revisit the Iraq War of 2003. 

In this terrible conflict, the governments of the US and UK lied to their people about the existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq and then proceeded to invade the country without any legal backing.

Yet we’re raised to believe that our governments are full of highly intelligent people who know what’s best for us and uphold our treasured belief in democracy. Of course, they have to make tough decisions, with severe consequences, but they always act for the greater good.

Or do they? It’s becoming more and more apparent that they act for the interests of a tiny global elite and to mask this conflict of interest, they lie to the public. They tell us we need to be protected when the extent of their surveillance operation is revealed. They tell us we need to fight for our freedom by invading far off lands, that pose no direct threat to our people, when what they really want to do is secure new business for the corporations that back them.  

They lie to us again and again and again. So why should we believe them, or believe in them?

The Solution 

Ok, the rant is over. However, there was a purpose behind my attack.

I want you to finish reading this article and realise that you owe The System absolutely nothing. Not your respect, not your obedience and not your time.   

In fact, you don’t have to be anything other than what you want to be and the forces that tell you otherwise are simply NOT legitimate – as I have demonstrated.

And that’s the gift I want to give you through this article – the knowledge that you don’t have to live up to authority figures standards.

My hope is that it might prevent you from signing up for the Armed forces, out of a false sense of duty, for a country that doesn’t care. My hope is that it might make you think twice about applying for that corporate job, that you have no passion for, but your parents think would be a good choice. My hope is that it’ll give you the courage NOT to go to university if you’ve got a passion elsewhere you’re keen to explore. 

Freedom Manifesto

Happiness lies on the other side of defying authority. It comes when free from system imposed obligations, duties and the concept of what you should be doing with your life. 

In order to help you get there, I want to leave you with this little reminder (see infographic to your right). I call it the Freedom Manifesto – 7 daily steps you can act on to liberate your mind and help you reach your highest potential. 

Enjoy and thanks for reading! 



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(image taken from The People Speak! photostream on flickr.com)