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    Escape the system

    Inspired by Fight Club and The Matrix, and with over 100 Five Star reviews on Amazon (.com and .co.uk combined), this is the pre-eminent book for every entrepreneur, dreamer and potential world changer looking to break free from a conventional life and live their dreams. Buy it today and you will learn;

    • What The System is and how it’s been holding you back
    • Why following your inspiration is more important than chasing money
    • Why belief, not luck, talent or hard work determines your success
    • How to be happy without relying on possessions or achievements
    • How to cope with the inevitable setbacks that every entrepreneur, dreamer and world changer will face
    • Why attempting to control your life often backfires and why you should be ‘letting go’ instead

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    Bestselling author, Tom Butler-Bowdon, on Escape the system

    Most books aim to change your life; Escape The System goes further, calling on us to question our very motives and purpose so that we truly have a life. Read it if you don't just want to be 'successful', or 'effective' in society's terms, but genuinely great.


    Check out my new book, Do the Work you Love, which was launched in February of 2020 by Watkins Media.

    This book answers one of the most pressing questions of our time – How do I create an income without working a boring job? Buy it, and you will be shown;

    • How to find a passion you can monetize (using a tool I’ve created called The Dream Job Chart)
    • How to take this passion and then choose the most appropriate path (depending on your financial situation, whether you are single or have a family, your motivation levels, how risk adverse you are and how much experience you already have with your passion) to guarantee your success
    • How to become an expert in your passion so people are prepared to pay for your time and products