Why Education Must Be Transformative

by Joe Barnes




Date: Dec 23, 2021

Why Education Must Be Transformative

Recognising that the world is going through rapid and violent challenges, academic institutions are revolutionising the educational system to transform students into agents of change. However, the work starts with creating more inclusive and holistic educational systems. For example, it was not until 1970 that the passage of the Handicapped Children Education Act was legislated in the UK. Through this systematic revolution, educational institutions were reformed to be more inclusive towards marginalised sectors. Aside from making more inclusive learning environments, institutions are also adopting the concept of transformative education to encourage individuals to create a just, healthy, and sustainable world.

What is Transformative Education?

Transformative education is a theory of learning founded by American sociologist Jack Mezirow. Through his research, he discovered that learners tend to examine their past ideas and shift their perceptions as they learn and reflect on new information. This theory emphasises that learners do not passively absorb information but also experience a fundamental change in their worldview and values.

This new perspective on the educational process has pushed different institutions to create a more holistic approach to learning. In fact, UNESCO is urging institutions to be oriented towards a transformative system so that individuals can gain new perspectives on values, such as collaboration, empathy, problem-solving, environmentalism, and social justice. By going beyond academic learning, individuals can form values and beliefs that will help them create informed decisions for themselves, the community, and the world.

What are the Benefits of Transformative Education?

Improved perspectives and mindsets

Through transformative education, learners gain educational skills as well as new values. It allows them to build their own belief systems that can, in turn, hone their personality, behaviour, and work ethic. Our article entitled ‘How to Use the Power of Your Subconscious Mind’ emphasises that these beliefs are important because they can set your boundaries for your world. And a learner who has formed a determined and persistent mindset can create opportunities for themselves and continually push themselves to be better.

Greater preparation for work and civic responsibilities

As previously stated, education is becoming more inclusive. This inclusivity does not just improve the accessibility of education. It also makes marginalised individuals more equipped for work and civic life. New Globe Education is transforming learning outcomes by creating data-driven educational systems. Their transformative learning system has rapidly increased the reading fluency and numeracy skills of students. This technology makes it easier for students in low-income countries to learn the fundamental skills needed for one’s work and social responsibilities. Moreover, this system also assists teachers in their day-to-day work through data-driven learning tools.

Enhanced awareness and critical thinking skills

Transformative education also shapes individuals by opening up their minds to different ideas. For instance, the EcoJustice Course developed by American and German institutions combined epistemology, ontology, and ethics to educate learners on sustainability. The course addressed the learners’ knowledge in sustainability before shaping their role and ethical perspective on the matter. By tackling the personal, social, and ecological aspects of sustainability, learners were able to expand their knowledge to determine how they could contribute to sustainability causes. Similarly, transformative learning can challenge students’ previous notions and improve their awareness of crucial issues.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, individuals need to gain fundamental skills, broaden their mindset, and follow the right values to be an agent of change. And a transformative system of education is one way of ensuring this in today’s youth. This should be the case whether one is learning within the four walls of a classroom or outside of it. In regards to the latter, consider becoming a part of our Escape the System community. Our resources will provide you with the right information and skills so you can make informed decisions and live a fulfilling life.