The 3 Things you Absolutely MUST do with your Time on Earth

by Joe Barnes




Date: Jul 21, 2013

The 3 Things you Absolutely MUST do with your Time on Earth

I’m no fan of ’30 things you must do before you reach 30′ type lists. The idea that there is some universal standard of achievement and experience is too conformist for me. 

So, I’ve come up with an alternative.

It’s not based on visiting a country on every continent of the world, learning to play a musical instrument or any number of equally interesting yet useless (unless you need a topic of conversation at a dinner party) pursuits. No, this list is far more radical, thought provoking and practical. In fact, it’s the antidote to all of the system’s ills. Depression, lack of purpose, loss of energy, addiction and low self-esteem will all disappear as soon as you commit to this holy-grail. While traditional bucket lists offer you a temporary escape from an otherwise mundane life, what I’m about to share with you is the secret to creating a reality you won’t need to escape from. 

1. Achieve the Impossible

They told Roger Bannister it wasn’t possible for a human to run a mile in under 4 minutes.

They told Bruce Lee that it was impossible for an Asian actor to be accepted by an American audience.  

The system is always creating the impossible. It wants you to believe that the status quo is unbreakable and that life can’t exist outside the parameters it sets to define reality. This illusion is created to prevent you from discovering a secret that would liberate the individual and make the system’s influence redundant – you have the power to create your reality

However, this secret has to be LIVED to be truly appreciated. Unless you test yourself in a way that few people are prepared to do, you’ll never discover the power gained from achieving something others said you couldn’t. It’s life changing. And it’s easier than you think. 

All you have to do to Achieve the Impossible is;

1. Do something other people said you couldn’t do.


2. Do something YOU believed you couldn’t do.

Whether this means leaving the security of employed work and setting up your own business, undertaking an extreme physical challenge or overcoming a fear, addiction or hang up that’s been holding you back for years, Achieving the Impossible is one of life’s ultimate tests. Do it once, and you’ll want to do it again. Keep doing it and you’ll realise that most of the limitations we’ve been conditioned to accept simply aren’t real. 

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2. Free yourself from Economic Servitude

Slavery ended over a century and a half ago? 

Wrong! Although we are free in name and movement, there is still a dark cloud hanging over our existence. The Deloitte Shift Index 2011(check the Worker Passion section) indicates that 81% of people in employed work are not passionate about their jobs. Roughly translated – we spend most of our lives working jobs we don’t enjoy to make money to survive. This condition could be described as one of Economic Servitude. It’s about time freedom. Does the need to make money prevent you from doing what you want with your life? 

For most of us, the answer is a resounding YES! If this is also the case for you then there are 2 ways to escape;

1. Make enough money so that you are not obliged to work.


2. Work a job that you enjoy. 

Making enough money so that you are not obliged to work can be achieved in a couple of ways.

You can actually do this through the system. The only catch is that it’ll probably take you about 40 years and you’ll be too washed up to really enjoy your freedom. Work incredibly long hours, save and disregard your well-being is the formula and for some it works.

However, I’m assuming you don’t want to go that route. If this is the case, then I’ve got some good news for you. It’s actually the people who break all of the conventions and bring something fantastically unique into the world that are the ones most financially rewarded for their time. True, you are either going to have to execute a brilliant idea, develop an outstanding skill or create something of great value but the rewards are huge. Instead of the system’s 40 year slog (which for most, still has no happy ending), you can be done in 10. 

One of the great misconceptions is that you have to be a multi-millionaire to free yourself from economic servitude. 

If you spend your days engaged in a line of work that interests you and allows you to express your creative abilities then you are free. This is the job where work isn’t work. Surveys tend to suggest you’ll need to be self-employed but it is possible to find this freedom through employed work. So long as you are working for a cause higher than making money, then you are already there. 

And why is freeing yourself from Economic Servitude so important?

One word, freedom. You get to grow and live your life along the lines that bring the most reward to you.

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3. Find your Paradise

Finding your Paradise is life’s ultimate destination. However, to describe it solely as a ‘destination’ is misleading. It’s something that you could attain today, yet lose a week later. Illusive in nature, it requires you to attain two components to complete the quest.

1. Physical Paradise

2. Internal Paradise

Physical paradise is the easier to explain. 

This is about your environment. Contrary to what the system wants you to believe, we should ALL have our slice of paradise. It’s your mission to find out what this means for you. For some, it may mean the big mansion with the fantastic grounds. For others, it may mean community living and being surrounded by like-minded people who have each other’s interests at heart. Who knows, it could be a combination of the two.

While this may seem a reality far removed from the 2 bedroom flat you currently occupy, you must not be limited by convention. Finding a space you love and living with the people you love brings a tremendous amount of positive energy into your life. After all, what’s the point of Achieving the Impossible and freeing yourself from economic servitude if you can’t kick back and enjoy your time on earth? 

Internal paradise is far more abstract.

It’s about the energy you live with on a day to day basis. How good do you feel? Depressed, so so, ecstatic?  

Living in the state of internal paradise is an incredibly high energy experience. When you’re touched by this feeling anything seems possible and life becomes an adventure. All negative emotions cease as you’re hit with this overwhelming sense of being ALIVE.

You may have already had this experience on a few occasions. However, did you ever think to make living in this state your life’s mission? It can be done. Developing a thorough awareness of your thought processes and energy levels is the starting point. From there, you must free your mind from the system’s conditioning and learn to believe in a reality where anything is possible.

This process opens you up to the energy of the universe and should be undertaken by any person wanting to live an extraordinary life. It increases your well-being, enhances creativity and attracts the circumstances and people necessary to your advance. 

If you’ve ever felt that there’s so much more you can be and do then this is for you. Begin today and you’ll discover that there’s no greater reward than the one reaped through self-mastery. 

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This is your Life and its ending one minute at a Time

These 3 challenges are your blueprint for an extraordinary life. Don’t expect to complete them in a year. This is about building a foundation for your life that will never be shaken. 

If you currently feel that your life lacks meaning, or that you’re sick of playing the system’s game, then this could be your answer. From today, you will never again be bored, never again feel lost and never again feel that your life is wasting away.

You are now the lead role in the greatest story ever told – your life. Go out and LIVE it! 

Call to Action 

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